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ISC Suspension prides itself in having the best Customer Service in the industry! Below you will find our staffs direct contact information.

Sales & Operations

Andrew Wallace – President

Andrew started ISC Suspension back in 2009 with the goal of providing customers the option of a premium suspension that was affordable to the everyday car enthusiast.  Now, almost 10 years later, his vision continues to grow as well as his passion for motorsports.  

When not in the office, you can find Andrew in one of the ISC 350Z drift cars tearing up tracks up and down the East Coast.  As an avid drifter, Andrew uses his ISC Suspension to it’s full capacity. 

You can also find Andrew out and about the beautiful state of NH, where he calls home, with his wife and 2 dogs.  And if you thought Andrew was passionate about drifting and cars, you haven’t seen him around animals.  Andrew has always been a strong supporter of the New Hampshire Humane Society including donating to their cause as well as fostering animals that need help before finding their forever home.   


603-715-9078 ext. 201


Jason Gannett – Director of Operations

Jason manages the day to day operations here at ISC and joined the team towards the end of 2018.  His background includes managing multiple different companies, but the one that relates to ISC Suspension the most is Turner Motorsport, a BMW based company located in Amesbury, MA. 

Jason’s passion is everything cars, but you’ll mostly find him in his BRZ track car during the summer months (or maybe his E36 BMW too) and on the slopes of ski mountains during the winter with his wife and daughter. 

He also seemed to be an immediate fit with the ISC team as he’s an avid dog lover as well – welcome to the Wolfpack Jason! 


603-715-9078 ext. 202


Media and Marketing

Meryl Pye – Marketing

Meryl joined the team @ ISC Suspension back in 2012 and has covered almost every position within the company.  She’s likely our most dynamic employee here who’s capable of just about everything; from light book keeping, purchasing, marketing, customer service, shipping and more!  If Andrew and the team need to lean on someone to “get it done”, it’s easy to count on her. 

Meryl came to ISC with a marketing background and we’re excited to finally give her the ability to focus on that in 2019.  

When not at ISC, you can find Meryl throughout the beautiful state of NH, whether it be at Highlands Mountain Bike Park tearing up the terrain or on Winnisquam Lake taking in the scenery from her paddleboard.  Meryl is all about the outdoors.  Oh yeah, did we mention that she’s a animal lover too!  Are you starting to see a trend yet?!


603-715-9078 ext. 200



Jorel Challenger – The Man of Many Hats

At ISC Suspension we are relatively small team and that means each employee has to cover a lot of “ground”.  As mentioned before with Meryl, Jorel takes on just about any task you throw at him and has been doing that with ISC since 2014.  Whether its helping customers via phone or email with technical support, shipping out a customers order or helping to create the latest artwork for a banner on our website, you’ll find Jorel tackling a lot of these projects.  

When Jorel isn’t at ISC, you can find him tackling wood working projects at home or, when it’s finally time to relax, posting up in front of his self-made computer doing some gaming……only when he’s not spending time with his fiance and little girl though.  What about cars?!  Jorel is an avid Subaru enthusiast, so if you have a question about your Subaru, he’s the man!

Oh yeah, can you guess what else?  That’s right, Jorel is another dog lover, so of course, he fits right in     😉   


603-715-9078 ext. 203


Product support






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