What is Drifting? Beginners Guide to Drifting!.

What is Drifting and How Does it Work?

Motorsport drifting is a unique and practiced art. Drifting occurs when the driver purposely oversteers the vehicle. This creates a loss of traction typically in the rear wheels. During this process, the driver maintains control of the rear wheels traction allowing the driver to slide around turns. Drifting is best illustrated through videos rather than text. You can view one of our favorite drifting videos below:

Guide to Get You Drifting in No Time

First off you need to make sure you have proper suspension and proper drift alignment. While it is not a necessity to have coilovers in order to drift, when drifting you want to dial in slightly less oversteer along with other adjustments that can only be made on coilovers. With understeer set in, you can actually stay on your throttle for a longer period which will allow you to accelerate through the drift. If you are just getting into drifting and want to become a pro, there is no better choice than a set of coilovers because of their adjustability. With a spring and shock setup you cannot adjust your alignment to what fits you best.

It is very important to have proper drifting tires, and emphasize spending the majority of your budget on the front tires. Drifting tires are made of a harder material and increase the likelihood of the tire wearing more evenly. There are tires that are specifically labelled “drifting tires” these tires have the proper components necessary to make for a great drift. You want tires that are not sticky and offer control in the front tires and durability in the rear tires.

It’s imperative to be safe than sorry when it comes to drifting. It is a dangerous motorsport and can lead to deadly accidents if you are not careful. You should purchase a quality helmet and fire extinguisher. In case of a fire you will have a fire extinguisher handy and your helmet, well, we know what that is for! It also isn’t a bad idea to keep an extra set of tires and wheels for your rears handy!

You really don’t need loads of power in order to practice the art of drifting. All you need is practice, patience, and focus! Goodluck!

For even more information on drifting, be sure to read this drifting 101 guide.

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