Honda Accord Civic Fit S2000 Suspension & Coilovers.

Shop our ISC suspension for Honda Coilovers today. We have a wide range of suspension and coilovers available for Accord, Civic, Fit and S2000 models. Our adjustable Honda Accord coilovers are made for years 1994 and up. Our Honda Civic suspension covers 1988-2011. Our Honda Fit lineup includes coilover solutions from 2001 and up. Lastly, our Honda S2000 suspension/coilovers are available for years 2000-2009. Each suspension system comes with a 32 way adjustable damping that is rebound and compression in unison via 32 step adjustment. Our springs are made from high quality SAE9254 Steel. They are dyno tested over 500,000 times on a compression inspection with less than 5% deformation. Each suspension set is ISO9001:2000R Certified as well as ARTC Certified. Whether you are looking for Honda Accord Suspension, Honda S2000 suspension, or any other Honda coilovers, you can find more information about our ISC suspension for Honda at the links below.

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