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For a basic “set up” guide see the PDF below 

(Included with every coilover set)

Generic Coilover setup guide

V3 Control Arm setup guide


Separate (Divorced) Rear Shock & Spring Set Up (Pre-load)

2014 Subaru Forester Coilover Install Guide

02-07 WRX Install Guide

Honda Civic Install Guide

ISC Suspension Air Cup install Guide

Rear Adjustable Control Arm Installation + Wheel Adapters

How to Install ISC Extended Wheel Studs

Hyundai Sonata Rear Installation

BMW 3 Series XI Install Guide


2014 Ford Focus ST

2008+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

G35 and 350Z Install Guide (VIDEO)

2015+ Ford Mustang Install Guide

08-14 WRX and STi Install Guide

2015+ WRX/STI Install Guide

2014+ Subaru Forester Install Guide

Video Guides



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How to Adjust Preload:

ISC SUSPENSION N1 COILOVER DO NOT COME PRELOADED FROM THE FACTORY. We recommend a preload of 5mm on all corners of the suspension. To set this, you will need to compress the spring using the large gold collar. Simply tighten this up until it stops spinning. You can then take a measurement of the spring. This should yield you 0 preload. From here you need to compress the spring an additional 5mm.

A quick way to be able to know the length of your spring is to look at it. On the spring is a series of number. Example, 18008. This means the spring is 180mm with an 8kg spring rate. The first three numbers are the length. You may also see 200, 140 etc.

If you add 5mm of preload to a 180mm spring you will have an end result of 175mm. This is the proper preload measurement.

Once you have finished setting up your preload, make sure to tighten the smaller locking gold collar against the large collar to keep your preload from changing.

Does your car seem too bouncy? Is your car too stiff or bottoming out easily? Check the preload!

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