ISC How To: Adjusting the 19mm Top Nut.

ISC How To: Adjusting the 19mm Top Nut

From time to time as a vehicle gets used and moving parts get used sometimes things get loose. A lot of times when something gets loose you will hear a vibration, a banging, or a clunking noise. More often than not, if a clunking noise is experienced, coming from your coilovers, the top 19 millimeter nut came loose. So we’re going to show you how to check and tighten that on the car with a quick 2-5 minute glance over. Two tools are required a 19 millimeter socket and a 5 millimeter Allen key. So let’s go from the front, obviously pop your hood here, take out this little Allen key clicker, put it aside so you don’t lose it. Hand tight here, you can simply unscrew this top clicker and now you’re going to see the 19 millimeter nut and the shaft. So this shaft here is part of the shock body and this 19 millimeter nut is what holds together the top plate assembly to the shaft assembly. Pretty crucial component, takes a lot of abuse, and from time to time, sometimes they can get a little loose. So here is the way to check that. I have my 19 millimeter here, and then I have my 5 millimeter Allen key which slides right into the shaft there. You need the 5 millimeter Allen key because if you don’t, this is what will happen. Right now it appears like I am tightening it, all that’s really happening is the shaft is spinning. So it is actually doing nothing. So I am tightening this here by feel, for technical specs, around 70 ft lbs. will do. And there you have it. Repeat those steps if you have any more noises on other sections, and if not, that was your clunk. If you have any questions orr concerns, give us a call or email

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