ISC How To: Get Your Coilovers Ready for Winter.

ISC How To: Get Your Coilovers Ready for Winter

How’s it going guys? Allen with ISC Suspension here. Today we’re going to take you through a short video on some of the steps you should take to prep your coilovers for the winter time. With salt and sand and all types of other gunk that can you know come from the roads, it’s good to make sure your coilovers are ready and prepped for the winter time. So follow these quick steps and if you have any questions, as always, contact us and we’ll answer anything that you have.

How to “Winterize” Front ISC Coilovers

Alright, so first things first, you’re going to want to buy some anti-seize any type will work, either silver or copper colored. As you can see here, Kyle is putting anti-seize liberally onto the actual shaft itself. The first step is you are going to want to try and get some around where the spring area is and where that top collar is going to be. Making sure you get right where the spring is and right where it lines up. This is really really important. You are going to need a liberal amount of anti-seize just to make sure those collars stay nice and lubricated. So once you complete that task, you will move onto the next section which is right below, or right above if you have it inverted, top collar. As you can see here, Kyle is allowing a little bit of it to get on the collar itself. What that is going to do is make sure that when you bring that other collar down, they are going to stay lubricated and not seize to each-other. And once again, anti-seize gets a little bit messy. So now you’ll do, you’ll anti-seize the bottom mount which is going to go onto the shaft itself. You can’t really be too too crazy with the anti-seize, really any amount will do as long as you get most of the threads covered it will kind of seat itself in all the other threads. That’s all nice and anti-seized. You can go ahead and grab your bottom mount and screw that on. Don’t be surprised at, you know, how difficult it will be to get the bottom mount on. There is, you know, a large amount of anti-seize on there now. So it’s not going to slide as easy as it did before. So once you get to this section, right about here, you can go ahead and start sliding that last collar. And there you go, the fronts are now essentially completed. If you’re worried about the collars in the center or the threads in the center, later on in this video we will show you how to tec wax them which will assist there.

How to “Winterize” Rear ISC Coilovers

So, moving onto the rears you’re going to want to do essentially the same thing. Move all the collars out of the way so we can get anti-seize down into the threads. Once again, you’re going to want to use a good amount. Once again, make sure you get right to where that spring is. So then that that top collar is almost in place, you’re gonna essentially do the exact same thing you did for the front and just apply anti-seize. Once again, make sure that you add a little bit to the bottom of the collar, that way when you bring the other collar up, those two collars do not seize together. Now you can do the same thing you did for the front and apply anti-seize liberally to the threads on the shaft itself. That way the bottom collars and bottom mounts do not seize. Which is gonna be extremely important when you are adjusting the ride height on your vehicle. And go ahead and just thread the bottom mount on. Now if you look here this is the Legacy GT set but the Legacy GT set is similar to the WRX set and other sets like them. What you’re gonna want to make sure you do is there is actually a little eye hole in the bottom collar or bottom mount excuse me, itself where you can actually see the threads coming through. So you’re gonna want to make sure that there’s some threads in there. And there you have it. Those two coilovers are now properly anti-seized.

Now, the last step here is to tec wax the coilover itself. This is pretty simple, you can’t really go wrong here. Just spray a liberal amount on the coilover itself with the threads and everything else.

Guys, thanks for watching the video, if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call, our number is 603-715-9078. Alright, we’ll see you at the next ISC how to.

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