ISC How To: Rear LCA Pillowball Greasing.

ISC How To: Rear LCA Pillowball Greasing

So, first things first, remove the 2 silver sections that sandwich the pillow ball and the street seal. Next thing you’re going to want to do is take your grease and get it up in there in the street seal. This grease is supplied so you can grease up that pillow ball. It’s easiest to just take the tube and squeeze and rotate around. Continue adding grease until the whole tube is gone then take a fresh tube and also do the same on the reverse side. It is recommended that you use at least one tube on each side if not more. And there you have it, that is how you are going to grease up the pillow ball bearing inside our control arms. The street seal combined with the grease is going to make sure that everything stays nice and lubricated and you’re not going to have any squeaks or any noises. If you hear any sort of squeaks and noises, you may want to double check and make sure there’s enough grease in there.

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