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 ISC Drift Team

Drifting hit the scene big in the early 2000’s and has grown to one of the biggest, and most followed, motorsports in the United States.  With millions of fans following Formula Drift and small drift clubs popping up in every major city suburb, it made perfect sense for an enthusiast company like ISC Suspension to get involved.  And get involved we did! 

The ISC Suspension Drift Team currently consists of 3 amatuer drivers, representing ISC Suspension 350Z’s in black and gold livery, as well as multiple sponsored drivers from amatuer to Pro2.  You can catch them anywhere up and down the east coast; from Lock City, to US Drift, to East 10 Drift, Stacked Motorsport Festival and Formula Drift Pro2 events!

This is our team!!!

Andrew Wallace – Team President/Driver – ProAm

Liam Delowery – Driver

Henry Goddard – Driver – ProAm

ISC Suspension Sponsored Amateur and Pro drivers

Dmitriy Brutskiy – Formula Drift Pro2

Phil Oddo – Formula Drift Pro2


Zenki Boyz

Nate Richards – ProAm

(photos coming soon)

Mike Wallis – ProAm


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