What is Rallycross/RallyX? Beginners Guide!.

Rallycross also know as “RallyX” is a popularized type of racing most commonly found in the United States and Canada. Rallycross was introduced to the world in the late 60’s when it started as a television show. It eventually made it’s way to the Xgames in 2010 where it was labelled “SuperRally”. RallyX consists of solo driving on grass, dirt, and sometimes pavement. Rallycross can be confused with auto cross because Rallycross often takes place on dirt: therefore it has often been referred to as “Auto cross on dirt”. Rallycross consists of wide landscapes on dirt and grass that utilize cones to “map” the course for each driver. Unlike many types of racing, Rallycross is quite affordable which only requires a hard top vehicle and a basic registration fee. A helmet is also required but will be provided to beginners.

Scoring and rules varies depending on the organization running the competition. For example, the FIA World Rallycross uses the following rules, format, and scoring system: FIA World Rallycross Rules, Format, & Scoring System. The FIA world rally cross utilizes what is known as a “Joker Lap”. This is a section that is added to the course that must be completed in 1 lap. If it is not completed in 1 of the laps a 30 second penalty is added to the driver’s time. Here is an example of Rallycross on pavement:

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