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As far as ISC’s customer service goes, I am definitely impressed and very happy. Meryl and Andrew really went out of their way to please my needs. They were extremely patient, friendly, attentive, and generous as well as very knowledgeable. I have to say I am extremely pleased and had a great experience with ISC, they really delivered top notch customer service and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. I am very happy with the finished product and definitely made the right choice with the N1 coilovers from ISC. Thank you so much again!

Luis Arevalo

I’ve had lots of interest at events from folks who were not familiar with ISC, or were just familiar with the company from drifting, or just in a cursory fashion. I’ve been very complimentary of the setup, particularly the overall quality, which appears to be extremely high for your price point. I’ve also been highly complementary of the adjustable-length bodies. It’s such a nice tuning feature to have at your disposal. It’s absolute genius.

JG Pasterjak

Been using them for almost 3 years and still are going strong.  No Clunks.  Good ride when soft and even better when in full stiff for track days/autox events.  Track Day abuse as well as Daily Driven!  Very happy with this setup.

Rob Sackyta

I was looking for a suspension system that was affordable and could withstand the abuse that comes with racing. The ISC N1 Race Suspension filled that role and paired nicely with my NASA Performance Touring E46. After running these through various race conditions I am still extremely satisfied with them. I would say I am surprised with how well they perform and standup to the abuse, but, honestly, I am not surprised at all! When you actually see the coilovers you know you have something that is engineered right and begging to be tested. The ISC N1s are a perfect match for my application–racing–and are equally suitable for a time trial or HPDE car setup.

Justin Crickenberger

We can’t say enough about the tremendous value of this suspension package, which is perfect for both a nice handling improvement, as well as getting the right look for your BMW –  without beating up your wallet in the process!  There is a reason that this kit is on multiple cars in our employee lot.  Solid parts with a nice price.

Bimmerworld Customer

Picked up a set of ISC coilovers for my 04 Subaru WRX to replace an old set of coilovers which were a different brand. Decided to go with ISC’s because they are really affordable and I heard great things about them. After riding around with them for months I could confidently say I made the right decision to go with the ISC’s. The fact they are fully adjustable is great for raising them in the winter and lowering them in the summer. Being able to adjust your ride height for the seasons is awesome. They have a really nice, smooth feel when driving and can handle everyday bumps you encounter on the streets. Not only that but they really shine around the corners. They handle great, and are priced very reasonably. That being said, I am extremely happy with my ISC coilover purchase and would HIGHLY recommend ISC coilovers and products to my fellow car enthusiasts. Thanks ISC!!

Taylor Hoffman

5 out of 5

Like everything from ISC, these V2 lower control arms are pimp! Easy to install, plenty of adjustment for taking out camber after lowering. If your concerned about Toe adjust-ability No worries, the stock cam bolt has enough adjustment to get you back to stock.
Overall this was a great addition to my WRX

Ben V., 2013 WRX Sedan 

First I want to thank everyone at the isc suspension family for making my purchase got as smooth as possible.  Extremely fast shipping, very helpful staff and also very knowledgeable for the info on the look i was going for with my car.  The ride on these coilovers are amazing compared to the others i have ridden in with the same car.  Overall I’m super impressed and satisfied and will continue to do business with them for all my suspension and parts needs! I own an 2011 Mazda 6i.

Brian Hellman

Love these. Strong, stylish and super adjustable. Ditched my Megan’s and put these on and wow what a difference. Would suggest these over all other available brands.
Thanks again IIR!


My first experience with coilovers. Installed these on my e46 m3. Fit is great and install is pretty smooth. A little more insight on initial set-up would have made install easier but I’m sure a call to Bimmerworld could answer any questions. Desired height was easy enough to set. The struts take awhile to dial in but about 15 clicks are good for reducing the bounce. Spring rates are a tad stiff if you are driving on the street as they are a little harsh on bumpy roads. All in all you can’t find much to compare to the value.


I purchased these based on the reviews here and other I could find on line. I had no experience with coil overs before and spring rates and the staff was very helpful as what spring to get. I replace Bilstein Spots sand H&R race springs. What a difference. I do agree with the first review that you get no directions with these so ask, because they have some pointers that will help out a bunch. Since I have never been on coils before I have no comparison form other brands. My instructor, M3 driver said that the suspension was awesome. He said that the details will be in how they hold up over time. For the money you can’t go wrong. Very happy with the purchase and the feel.Do not let the price fool you on these!

Jay McArdile

In today’s aftermarket, there are countless choices for suspension components. From basic lowering springs, full spec’d coilovers, and even air suspension.
My review today is about the ISC Suspension “track spec” (12kg / 7kg spring rates) coilover system for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2010 – 2014). As I competitively track my car, and own a Korean car focused company, for my build and my needs I had to have the right suspension. After days of research, I settled on the ISC Suspension coilovers. Upon first opening the box, my impression was that these are a very rigid set of coilovers. They felt durable, and looked capable of withstanding my upcoming abuse.

The install took about 5 hours, but that’s because I am very meticulous in my cars parts and adjustments. I make my living working on cars for other people, so that same standard has to apply to my own build. After measuring and adjusting the spring pre-load, the vehicle height, then going over the full corner balance, the car was ready to go.

Fast forward to a month later, I’ve driven the car a while and gave all the suspension a proper chance to settle. Ater a recheck of the alignment and heights, I took the car to a local SCCA Autocross to get a feel for all the new parts (Coilovers, sway bars, end links, and a new brake setup).
On a tire setup of 255/35 & 275/35 Michelin PSS, the car felt solid. It went were I pushed it, and stayed planted around every corner. There was some rear over steer, but the nature of the Genesis Coupe is that it’s a pretty “tail happy” car. After making some minor adjustments, I would progressively shave good time off each prior run.

All in all, I LOVE my ISC Suspension Coilovers. The car looks great, performs amazing, and I overall could not be happier. It still rides good enough that me & my 3 year old son take it out every now and then to go out.

Joshua Lowrey


I’m blown away by your customer service. I’m more than happy to keep the order now and I’m glad you talked me out of waiting for my parts!

I’d also like to let you know how much I’m looking forward installing your control arms. I was ecstatic to find a high quality option for a more than reasonable price. I work with mills and lathes on a daily basis and I’ll take billet over stamped and welded any day! I look forward to ordering more quality products from you in the future.

I’m sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my experience today. The cherry on the cake was seeing “Owner” under your name on your last reply. I didn’t notice at first but its awesome to know I’m talking to the Man himself!

Keep up the good work. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Max Darrow
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