Vehicle spotlight; the 2018 Subaru BRZ TS.

Recent news from Subaru! The Subaru BRZ TS will be available to the US in early 2018. Word has it only 500 of these vehicles will be available in the US making this a limited and surely sought after vehicle.

Under the hood you can expect the standard 205-horsepower/2.0-liter flat-4 engine. That may be somewhat stale news but Subaru assures potential buyers that the chassis and aero upgrades will bring the vehicle to another level with it’s attention to control and fun factor. The most notable upgrades so far consist of:

STI-spech Sachs front and rear damper/coil springs
18 Inch STi Alloy Wheels
Additional stiffeners in chassis and front subframe
Brembo Brakes
V-Braces in Engine Compartment
Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler
STI Front – Side – Rear Underspoilers

All of these details are what we expect, but no release of extensive technical specs have been released yet. The sticker price is still unknown but is expected to fall somewhere in the middle of the price range of it’s competition. Subaru assures it’s handling (among other upgrades) upgrades will make the price well worth it. Expected gas mileage for manual transmissions is said to be 21MPG which also puts the BRZ TS in the middle of the pack when comparing to other similar models in it’s class.

If you do own or are considering purchasing a BRZ TS ISC Suspension has some worth while upgrades available for the TS. If you are pleased with the handling out of the box but want even more control, consider our http://ISC Rear Adjustable Control Arms V3 and BRZ TS Coilovers. Or if you are in need of wheel spacers or adapters, consider our ISC BRZ TS Wheel Spacers/Adapters.

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