Hello my name is Chris Quinones “aka” @TheSneakerRehab and here is my 2018 Subaru WRX 50th anniversary edition! Before we jump into the car, here is a little about myself. I’m 28 years old, I’m from Hudson Valley, NY.  I’m a Corrections Officer and avid sneaker collector. I have loved cars ever since I can remember. If I wasn’t playing with hot wheels I was watching some sort of car movie. Now my journey with my Subaru was a life changing one for sure. I purchased my first Subaru Wrx in 2016, fully upgraded and fitted with ISC n1 coil overs. Sadly, in June 2018, that car was short lived due to an encounter with a bear that totaled my car.  Thank God for Subaru’s safety features because I came out of the car unharmed. After this devastating accident I looked at a few different cars after totaling the Subaru from 335is to a s550 mustang. But none of them seemed to have the right fit for me.  Since I was young, I’ve always wanted a Subaru and I knew in my head that I wasn’t done with my previous Subaru and needed to get another one. The next month in July I saw that Subaru was doing a special 50th anniversary model and I knew I had  to get my hands on it. On July 18 2018, I successfully purchased my 50th anniversary edition Wrx and took her home to start the modification process! What was very unique about this car was it was painted in this heritage blue color with 50th anniversary recaros,  special badging and that Subaru only produced 600. Within 6 months of ownership the car was on full bolt ons including a e85 flex fuel tune thanks to NoLimitMotorSport, custom headlight build from FreshVisionLighting, a lot of carbon fiber pieces from Apr Racing to OLM and DownForceSolution. The car is sitting on work t7r wheels with sticky Michelin super sport tires, but more importantly I’m driving on ISC n1 coil overs with track rated springs. This is my dream setup and I’m very grateful to have my car on this setup. It allows me to go to track and auto cross days occasionally and absolutely have a blast on the course. I also attend many car shows throughout the summer in the tri state area and Canada. I’m glad I chose ISC because these coils are like no others. Between the handling, adjustments and the overall feel of this coil over system, it compares to no other system on the market. In my past years with different vehicles I have owned I ran a few different brands of coils and all of them did not perform as well as this system. On top of all that, their knowledgeable, friendly staff really make it a pleasure when you interact with the team at ISC. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my car!

ISC V2 Coilover Kit 2015+ WRX/STi