ISC Coilover Covers

Protect your investment.

When making a large purchase, what is the first thing that should come to mind? Maintenance and care should be what comes to mind and it is no different with coilovers. By maintaining and caring for your coilovers you can drastically reduce likelihood of failure especially if you live where it snows! Protect your investment with ISC Coilover Covers today!

Our coilover covers are offered in 300mm as well as a 370mm size. Each coilover cover is made of 3mm neoprene. These coilover cover sleeves shed water and eliminate sand/dirt/salt and debris from damaging your threaded shock body and corroding your springs. They also protect your seals and metal components from rusting.

The adjustable diameter of these covers allow for fitment on many coilover brands, not just ISC. They are assembled with high quality velcro and zip ties which allows you to easily install, adjust, or remove them as needed. Give our How to Protect Coilovers in the Winter article for details on how you can protect your coilovers with our covers!

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300 and 370mm lengths

3mm thick neoprene

Adjustable diameter