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Most any performance or mechanical shop should be capable of installing these coilovers for you.  ISC Suspension systems can also be installed at any of our listed dealers as well and we encourage this!  We do encourage you to have these coilovers professionally installed if you have never done something of this nature.  We are not responsible for damages caused by improper installation and will NOT warranty the product if they are not installed by a licensed shop.

Please view our warranty page here.

At ISC Suspension we take all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.

Updated policy as of 8/11/23

ISC is happy to offer an easy return process. Please contact us to initiate a Return Merchandise Authorization.

ISC will accept returns that meet the following criteria:

  • Orders received within the past 30 days that are:
    • Brand new
    • In original packaging, that have not been test fit, installed or thoroughly opened
    • Purchased from ISC directly

ISC will not accept returns that meet the following criteria:

  • Orders received more than 30 days and/or
    • Have been used or test fit
    • Are not in original packaging
    • Are a special ordered item (Notified of a lead time while ordering)* -Approval or denial at ISC’s consideration
    • Not purchased from ISC directly

All Returns must have an approved RMA number that should be included on the package when sent back. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Any refund will be the purchase price of the item less any shipping charges either paid for or incurred by ISC. Any return received without an approved RMA# will not receive credit.

All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee, 20% if custom build or spec coilovers. ISC can approve or deny any return request at our discretion.

Any return request of an ISC product purchased from an outside dealer or distributor must be done through that party directly

You can order your coilover kit right here from the website or from one of our authorized dealers.  We take all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

We offer coilover kits for over a dozen automakers including: BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, & more!  Check the vehicle application guide for model-specific fitments.

Our coilovers typically have an adjustment range of 2-3″.  We believe we offer the best coilover for the money, hands down! Each coilover features 32-way adjustable damping, adjustable camber (N1 models only), adjustable height and features an industry best warranty.  Our coilovers still sell for hundreds less than the competition!  For more information, check out the product specs or send us an email.

If you are looking for an affordable coilover that is packed with features like 32-way adjustable dampening, pillowball upper mounts, adjustable camber and height, then the answer is yes.  Our coilovers are great applications for comfort driving, street driving or track use.  Our ISC N1 adjustable coilover is capable of handling some of the most aggressive driving and will greatly improve the handling (and look) of your vehicle.

Stock ride height can be achieved on most of our coilover applications.  Keep in mind, if you are replacing your old, worn out factory suspension, the car likely doesn’t sit as high as it did when it had no miles on it.  For those of you who use your vehicle as a daily driver and face harsh winters or road conditions, then you’ll certainly be able to keep the car high enough off the ground.  These adjustable coilovers can achieve close to stock ride height or be slammed down as much as 3″ lower for an aggressive stance…..the choice is yours.  The ISC N1 coilover comes with all the needed tools to adjust your ride height and stance to lower or raise your car.  For non-McPherson strut types please check with us prior to purchase if stock ride height is something you desire.

Only you can decide this, but we are more than happy to help make your decision on which custom spring rate you would like.  We offer our customers custom spring rates and valving at no additional charge.  We also have some semi custom valving options available for coilovers, including street comfort, street sport and track race.  ISC Suspension also offers Triple S springs as an upgrade option.  Triple S springs offer a superior ride from high tensile strength steel and increase overall spring stroke.  Please call if interested in Triple S springs.

If you purchase a set of these coilovers from one of our many dealers you will be covered.  Check out the dealer page for our current dealer listings.  If you buy our ISC coilovers used from a third party they will not be covered under our warranty.

ISC Suspension North America has the best warranty on a coilover suspension in the industry.  We believe in our product so much that we’ll stand behind it for as long as you own it (see warranty information for more detail).  On top of our industry leading warranty, ISC Suspension coilovers include 32 way adjustable damping, height adjustability, pillowball upper mounts, factory brake line or ABS line brackets, custom spring rates and more!  All stock, service and warranty work is done in our New Hampshire facility as well!  There will be no down time shipping overseas like those other brands. We offer a very affordable coilover package for almost any make vehicle which can greatly improve your handling abilities.

Welcome to the world of coilovers; a more complex strut with components designed to be adjustable which in return can cause noise if/when things get loose. Noise can happen from time to time whether it is a $500.00 or $5,000.00 coilover.  Sounds are often caused by some part of the coilover becoming loose over time.

Things to Check:

1)    Top 19mm Nut: This top 19mm nut secures the shaft to the top plate/ pillowball configuration. Over time it may become loose and cause a clunk when going over bumps due to play. How do you fix this? 1) Take a 19mm wrench and place it onto the 19mm nut. 2) Hold a 5mm allen key tool in the actual shaft of the coilover (make sure to unscrew the little dampening clicker on the top of the strut and place it to the side). 3) While holding the shaft still with the 5mm allen key turn the 19mm wrench clockwise; this will tighten the 19mm nut and mate the shaft/pillowball assembly tight. This can be done in about 30 seconds per strut, while it is installed on the vehicle. 4) Put the damping clicker back on. For a more detailed video see here.

DO NOT TIGHTEN 19mm TOP NUT USING AN IMPACT GUN – the force of an impact gun can not only damage the coilover internally, but can break the top of the shaft of your coilover!!!

2)    Check your adjustments: If your preload is incorrect you will get noise, make sure it is to spec (check preload adjustment article above).

3)    Check all other Parts: double check your collars, mounts and anything that can become loose.

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