Triple S OEM Strut Springs

Direct replacement to your factory springs.

These springs will offer the customer a mild drop or lift and enable the customer to retain their OE shocks/dampers; they are a direct replacement to your factory springs.

The idea behind Triple S lowering springs was to improve ride quality, performance and vehicle aesthetics. A lot of the vehicles made today are very “soft” with a lot of sway; whether left to right (cornering) or front to back (braking/accelerating). Adding Triple S springs to your vehicle will lower the vehicles center of gravity not only providing a better look, but also leading to a more responsive car. Less vehicle movement also means a more predictable vehicle. A more predictable chassis will lead to a safer car/driver. So, you get all the benefits of a lowered vehicle without the high cost.

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triple s oem strut springs


OEM strut compatible

SAE9254 Silicon Aluminum Alloy

Mild drop – comfort minded