ISC Team Gold

ISC Suspension Team Gold

Team Gold consists of drivers in various motorsports including drifting, autocross, track, and show. Our drifters participate in team tandems, ProAm, and Formula Drift.

Andrew Wallace

LS Swapped 350Z. ISC Products:

Henry Goddard


LS Swapped Nissan 350Z. ISC Products:

Dmitriy Brutskiy

Formula Drift Pro2

“ISC has a great staff, and is an awesome company to work with. They offer the best coilover for the price point and provide great support”

– Dmitriy

Zenki Boyz


LS + 2J S14’s. ISC Products:

Nate Richards


Turbo LS Nissan S14. ISC Products:

Mike Wallis


JZ Powered Nissan S14. ISC Products:

“All season long with a huge variety of surfaces, banks, and bumps, the car stayed absolutely planted. Coming of the bank and being able to transition onto the flats without worrying about bounce let me run the line I wanted so I could carry maximum speed through the inside clip to the final outer zone. I am very happy to have chosen the ISC brand this year, and it really helped me get the car to where it needed to be; competitive. I very much look forward to what we can do in the 2020 season”

– Mike Bruell

Mike Bruell “Turbo Mike”


JZ Powered S14, RB Powered S14. ISC Products:

Tyler Nelson

Formula Drift

Forced Induction Shelby S550 Ford Mustang. ISC Products:
Robs 08 STi

Rob Widdick

Autocross / Trackcross

robs sti 4

“ISC’s components have helped me achieve faster lap times with handling improvements for both autocross and trackcross events. With the N1 coilovers, I can adjust my dampening as needed without any special tools. The 8K spring rates on all four corners are the perfect rates. The rear control and toe arms have allowed for greater adjustments to my rear alignment, further improving handling.”

– Rob Widdick