2019 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

December 2023

The 2019 Long Range Dual Motor Model 3. Now that’s a mouthful. Hey everyone, Matt from ISC here. I run Media and marketing for ISC, and I’m here to introduce my new daily driver + new ISC project car, my 2019 Model 3. While it’s something VERY different from what I’ve owned in the past, I’ve always been intrigued at the thought of a Tesla as a daily driver. About a year ago, my friend had a model 3 as a rental car, so naturally we did what any 20-year-old kids would do, we beat the crap out of it. I was thoroughly impressed by just about every aspect of the car. After some time, I kept seeing on Instagram some modified model 3’s on te37’s, and other sweet wheels. Around Thanksgiving of this year, I knew in the next few weeks I’d be in the market for a new daily driver, so I started seriously looking into these cars. It was also a coincidence we just added the model 3 coilover kits to the ISC website, so it was a natural decision… I HAD to have one at that point. 

You might be asking… Why the hell would you want to drive an electric car? And I understand, because I used to ask the same question. But in my honest opinion, it’s one of the best daily drivers around. Mine is the dual motor, with the upgraded tesla “boost” so this car is the equivalent to around 450hp. And that comes on in an instant. No turbo lag, no nothing. Step on the “gas” pedal and you’re getting slammed in the seat. It’s quite fun. The batteries sit on the bottom of the chassis, keeping the weight as low as possible for excellent handling, even from the factory. I can’t wait to see how much improvement there is from the coilovers, and some sticky tires. Aside from performance, the simplicity of the interior and how quiet and comfortable it drives, really makes it a great commuter. 

Future plans for this car, first step will be lowering it on some ISC’s of course. I’m still unsure how far I will go down the modification rabbit hole. However, I know for sure, front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser + spoiler, some sort of light forged wheels, adjustable control arms and maybe a little more. I want it to be a fun and sporty street car with plenty of grip for spirited driving, maybe even autocross! Stay tuned to see the transformation!