Air Piston Cup Kit

What Is A Coilover Air Piston Cup Kit? How Does it Work?

A coilover air cup kit is a happy medium between actual air ride and static coilovers. In fact it takes the benefits from both, and for the most part leaves behind the negatives associated with each. Might sound to good to be true, but we speak the truth! Air cups do NOT sacrifice performance like a traditional air bag, AND coilover air cups have the ability for instant height adjustment when needed just like air bags.

An aluminum cylinder with a internal piston sits on top of the coilover spring, replacing the upper spring perch. At normal “static” coilover ride height the air cup remains inactive, and is simply treated like a spring perch as the coilover functions normally. When a increase of height is needed (about 1-2 inches) in seconds you can raise the vehicle height as air pressure fills the cup chamber and pushes a piston down, in return compressing your spring and raising the vehicle. This is perfect for a track car getting out of a trailer, or a stanced car getting over a speed bump or up a driveway. You can sustain all the great performance features of your ISC coilovers, but have the convenience of air ride. Great product for a street car or a track car.

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Product Details

Designed in the USA

Designed and Assembled in New Hampshire

Anodized Finish

6061 Aluminum. Anodized ISC Gold Finish with ISC Logo

Top Grade Seals

Top Grade Seals and O-Rings

DOT Approved

Both the Fittings and Lines have been approved by the DOT


2008+ WRX/STi Sedan/Hatch/BRZ/FRS

2 inches of lift

1 to 2 inches of lift (depending on suspension geometry ie: McPherson strut, double A arm, etc)

Minimal Stack Height

Minimal Piston Stack Height Allows for Optimal Performance

Multiple packages

Multiple packages available with and without air management. Sold in Pairs

ISC Springs

2x ISC Springs included, or choose from any Triple S Spring

Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Air Cups, 1 Year Warranty on Seals/O-Rings

A happy medium between actual air ride and static coilovers.

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