January 2023 / Picking up our Maverick

Ford Maverick

For those of you who have been following along on all our projects, you’d remember the Tucci Hot Rods SEMA truck we helped custom build suspension for back in 2021. This truck really caught the automotive world by surprise and truly is what inspired many to order a new maverick. This truck features a full custom 3d printed body kit, custom paint, 4 Recaro seats (yes 4) custom turbo fan 20” wheels, custom center exit exhaust and much more. After seeing this truck in person, we knew we HAD to get our hands on one and dial in the suspension kits so we can offer them to the public. Well, as supply issues kept getting worse, it took us a long time to get ours. So on January 26th 2023, we finally picked it up and brought it to its new home where it’s going to get a bunch of cool parts… and maybe… just maybe we can get some fender flares.

It’s been awesome to see a lot of performance companies coming out with Maverick parts. The return of the minitruck is here! Being that it’s such an affordable truck, these are a fantastic bargain. The ecoboost engine packs a punch even in stock form. The first mod we will be installing is from our friends at COBB Tuning. We are going to be installing an access port with the stage1 93 tune to really open up the capabilities of the EcoBoost engine. Next, we will be finalizing our N1 coilover kit, and getting this truck much closer to the ground! Stay tuned for the near future coilover release dates, and other cool plans we have with this 2023 Maverick.

April 12th 2023

Some time has passed since we got the Maverick. We ordered parts for it almost immediately after, however everything we ordered took a long time to get here unfortunatly. This month we are seeing some things show up little by little. The first thing being a 3” catback. We immediately threw it on the truck and what a difference! The truck sounds somewhat like a focus ST but automatic obviously. Definitely a deeper and louder tone than stock. It enhances the driving experience immensely. Check out the exhaust in our first ever ISC Vlog below!

April 22nd 2023

When we first picked up our maverick, we reached out to Cobb tuning to get an accessport. These trucks have great tuning capabilities, and just overall a ton of potential. When we first received the accessport back in February, we quickly learned that the 2022 Maverick accessport isn’t compatible with our 2023 Maverick. Good news for us, Cobb was currently working on an update for the 2023! As soon as we got the email with the files to update the Accessport, we jumped out of our skin and immediately got to work. We are starting a vlog series about what we do to our project cars here at ISC, so we thought this would be a great vlog to do. Overall, the truck is much quicker off the line, way more fun to drive around, and also the transmission shifts a little less sporadic and weird now! While we are still getting used to being on camera on a personal level with filming ourselves, you can watch the video below and see what a BIG difference this accessport makes! Between the performance of the engine, and the soon to be new suspension, we have high hopes for this truck in the near future! 

May 11th 2023

At this point, we’ve been waiting for our production Maverick N1 Coilover kit to arrive, and we were itching for the day to do the install. We received the coilovers and immediately got to work. We wanted to transform this truck from its old “truck” self, to something sleek, sporty, and fun to drive. 

With the help of Andrew, Adam, and Matt, we got the truck in the air, and dove head first. Removing the old suspension was a breeze since this is a brand new truck. Only a few thousand miles on it, so obviously no rust whatsoever. When installing the coilovers, we did find a couple things we are making changes on to better suit the maverick, and better fit our wants and needs out of the ride height adjustment range. We plan to have 2 different maverick kits, one regular drop, and one “ultra low”. The ultra low kit will be the same coilovers, but with an added 3” drop rear control arm to allow the rear to sit nice and low to match the front if you were trying to go lower than the average person. Click the video below to see how easy it is to lower your maverick! In the next week or so we will be also installing those rear control arms, as well as our all new ISC adjustable Maverick rear toe arms too!

Driving the truck now, it feels completely different. No more crazy body roll, rides much sportier. Feels like a car now. Bumps are no problem as this kit is our street kit, which allows for a very tolerable ride. We can’t wait to do some more driving!


May 2023

Like any car, once you lower it, it sometimes can be a challenge to get a proper alignment, because things can be out of whack. With a lack of adjustability from the factory, we knew we needed to produce some solutions. Our first adjustable arm we are talking about is our Maverick Adjustable Toe arm kit. These arms help you fix your toe adjustment as well as give you more adjustability if you want a certain alignment spec you can’t achieve with factory arms. This arm is not only good looking, but serves a very important purpose. Without this, you could run into very prematurely worn tires, unexpected handling, and more.

Next arm we will be discussing is our adjustable control arms. We are partnering up with Tucci Hot Rods to sell their control arms as part of our ultra low coilover system. We worked with Tucci for their SEMA Maverick back in 2021, so we are excited to continue the maverick journey with them. These are 3” drop control arms, so if you pair these with our ISC coilover kit, youll get a 6” rear drop, which is perfect to get that tire just about to the fender line. Without these arms, some people slam their maverick this low with no adjustable arms, however they will never get even close to a proper alignment. This is why we are choosing to go this route. Do things right the first time, and you won’t have issues down the road with tires only lasting a few thousand miles. These arms are made to be extremely high quality, and ready for whatever type of driving you throw at them. They have been track tested, and will be available through us shortly!

Now you might be thinking, why do all this work if you are on the stock steelies? Im glad you asked..  We chose to go with a 20×8.5 et35 Rotiform TUF-R, wrapped in a 245/40/20 tire. This combo was a home run, and we are happy with our choice. If we ever change the wheel setup on this again, we will aim to upgrade the tire size toa 245/45 instead, to fill in that small amount of gap we still have between the fender and tire. Other than that, we think this truck is turning out amazing so far. Can we just appreciate the difference from stock we’ve seen so far? We aren’t stopping here, we will be continually changing this truck until we are content with it. Maybe even some more performance mods to come as well!

July 27th

Now that we’ve enjoyed the Maverick with all the new suspension, wheels, cobb accessport, and exhaust, it was time for another modification. This time, we chose to install an intake for those wild turbo noises out of this little ecoboost. We chose to do a Buschers Racing intake, as it was affordable, and was easy to install. It came with everything we needed, even a screw for the support bracket. Taking the factory airbox was quite easy, we had it out in about 5 minutes, a few clips, screws, and sensors and the whole assembly pops right out. Installation is very easy, you first mount the filter to the intake tube, and then slide on the tube to the factory rubber coupler. Next you simply screw in the support bracket and you’re off to the races! Well, off to the street anyway. Overall, having the intake noise, hearing that “psshhhh” when letting of the throttle in a little “economy” truck is amazing, and it enhances the driving experience immensely.