January 2023 / Picking up our Maverick

Ford Maverick

For those of you who have been following along on all our projects, you’d remember the Tucci Hot Rods SEMA truck we helped custom build suspension for back in 2021. This truck really caught the automotive world by surprise and truly is what inspired many to order a new maverick. This truck features a full custom 3d printed body kit, custom paint, 4 Recaro seats (yes 4) custom turbo fan 20” wheels, custom center exit exhaust and much more. After seeing this truck in person, we knew we HAD to get our hands on one and dial in the suspension kits so we can offer them to the public. Well, as supply issues kept getting worse, it took us a long time to get ours. So on January 26th 2023, we finally picked it up and brought it to its new home where it’s going to get a bunch of cool parts… and maybe… just maybe we can get some fender flares.

It’s been awesome to see a lot of performance companies coming out with Maverick parts. The return of the minitruck is here! Being that it’s such an affordable truck, these are a fantastic bargain. The ecoboost engine packs a punch even in stock form. The first mod we will be installing is from our friends at COBB Tuning. We are going to be installing an access port with the stage1 93 tune to really open up the capabilities of the EcoBoost engine. Next, we will be finalizing our N1 coilover kit, and getting this truck much closer to the ground! Stay tuned for the near future coilover release dates, and other cool plans we have with this 2023 Maverick.