Modification List
  • 1. Ridgeline Motorsports steering wheel/GT4 wing & front Lip 2. Sparco Circuit II bucket seat with harness/harness bar 3. Do88 DCT Cooler & Ridiator 4. AFE/Tecnocraft carbon fiber intake parts 5. Apex FL-5 Wheels square setup 6. Paragon PA035 big brake kit 7. Powerflex/Revshift 95A bushings & mounts 8. SPL/RE/MRT/BW suspension arms 9. Half gutted interior & light weight door cards 10. A lot of stickers!
Got this car in June 2023 solely aiming to be built as a track-only car after I blew up the engine on my track/street dual-duty car at that moment. The car was mostly stock when I got it meanwhile has done the Big 3 (Rod Bearings, Throttle Actuators, Valve Covers), making it a reliable track car to start with. I took the car to Road Atlanta the first week after I got the car with a simple oil change and brake change to set a benchmark. After the first track day, I was sure this was the platform that I was going build on. Even though it is down on power and heavy with literally no low-end torque. The driving feedback and dynamic were amazing even in the stock form.
The build started there and went quickly since the goal was clear: make it faster on track. I have to keep a budget in mind because I need to replace the engine in my other car at the same time. Every mod I put in the car needs to get the job done while costing as little as possible. Started by taking out the interior, and changed out heavy seats and batteries. DIY some cover plates to replace console panel buttons and glove box. Took out speakers and door cards and replaced them with plastic covers. Weight loss is a thing in E92 as it is heavy to start with.
For aftermarket parts, the cost is also first thing first. I chose APEX FL-5 because it has the best deal during Black Friday within the entire Apex lineup. I chose the Ridgeline steering wheel hub and aeros because they are half the cost compared to those brands labeled made in Germany. I mixed up all the suspension arms from different brands because I just grab one whenever I see a good deal. Same for the coilovers, it gets the job done while being budget-friendly. I might be able to squeeze 1 second of lap time with the top-notch brands, but for that money, I dump on the seat time which might help me get more than 1 second faster.
Over the last half year, the car has started from 1:47 in stock form with PS4S tires to now 1:39 with the current setup & 200TW tires at Road Atlanta. I don’t know how many seconds are from the car mods and how many seconds are from the driver mod but I am happy with it and growing with the platform.
Intended Use of Vehicle
Track and commute to track
Social Media
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Future Plans
Full roll cage. Carbon driveshaft. More Weight reduction.
ISC Products
N1 Track Coilovers w Triple S Springs 12K/16K F/R