Growing up, I was influenced by my dad at a young age to love cars. He was into muscle cars, and had countless Camaros, Trans ams, and more in the past. I started helping him work on his cars and pretty quickly fell in love with the thought of having cool old cars. Years later, a video popped up on YouTube by the channel “Petrolicious”. It was a video about a red series 1 240z, and at that instant, seeing the body lines and shape of the car, I instantly fell in love with the Datsun Z. I obsessed about these cars for years growing up. I remember just non stop talking about the day ill own my Z. Fast forward to 2021, at 21 years old I just sold my Mk4 r32, and was on the hunt for either a 987 cayman or a Datsun Z. The Z’s were getting really expensive so on my budget I didn’t think id be able to get a 240Z.. I was expecting a 280z or 260z. After a while of searching throughout the whole country, I found my car. In my mind I wanted a paint code 115 blue metallic Z, and here one was 5 and a half hours away from me (and luckily it was a 240!!). It looked really nice in the pictures, so I texted the guy and set up a time to look at it. Fast forward to meeting him at the storage unit he kept the car in, we opened the garage door, and he pulled the car out. The look on me and my dads face when that car saw the sun, we were in absolute AWE of what we saw.. We both mouthed “oh my god”. At that moment I knew I had to have it. It was the most beautiful 240z I’ve ever seen. A complete fairly stock car. Not hacked up, everything was there and in practically mint condition. But there was a catch.. I brought with me every penny I had to my name in order to make a reasonable offer to buy this car. After I drove it it was time to negotiate for my absolute dream car. After about 30 minutes of back and forth I secured the car, and arranged shipping with an enclosed trailer back to NH! Once I got the car I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. In my mind I had a ton of things I wanted to do, but for the first time in my life, I wasn’t in a huge rush to really do everything all at once. I wanted to take my time and really just enjoy the car for what it is. I changed a lot appearance wise for this car, but drivetrain is still all numbers matching. Original SU carbs etc. I made a 1 of 1 ISC N1 coilover kit that really transformed this car.
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spirited driver for the weekends
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Not sure yet :)
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