Modification List
  • Super charger pulley, air intake, intercooler, shark Injectors
I love cars. I love to drive fast. To be able to drive on the track with speed and have fun is just pure joy for me.

My father is my inspiration with cars. He was a car dealer and he introduced me how to take good care of cars, how to drive them and how to make a living out of it. He made me feel even if you’re a girl you can do whatever you put your heart into. Girls can also do what guys do!

When my dad passed away, cars always reminds me of him. Now that I’m older. I’m pretty stoked to have a chance to drive on the track and be able to set up a car for it.. And somehow be connected with him everytime I drive.

Cars don’t just give me joy. It connects me with someone I will always miss and wish I have the chance to ride with and show him his baby girl can drive.

A lot of work needs to be done on my car still but I’m enjoying every moment of it.
Always trust the process.

Intended Use of Vehicle
Social Media
Instagram- princessnizach
Future Plans
Be able to set up my car at it’s best and get keep getting personal best lap times.
ISC Products
Isc N1 track spec