Hi my name is Ryan Scott (@purefunction) and these are my wife and I’s matching Silver Single turbo Supras. 

I purchased my personal Supra  in 2011 as a non turbo 5 speed car that needed some serious love. I spent 3 years making small mods and enjoying the car as a N/A platform until 2014 when I decided to swap the engine to a TwinTurbo 2JZ-GTE and ditch the GE engine. The car has seen multiple iterations over the years starting as a single turbo GTE car with factory W58 5 speed. Then pulled the engine again in 2016 for a AEM Infinity standalone, kaizen Motorsports custom wiring harness and R154 Marlin Crawler built transmission. 

Now the car is on its latest iteration with PowerHouse Racing Turbo kit, Grannas Racing T56 Magnum 6 speed, HALTECH NEXUS ECU, ISC  Coilovers, Phase2 suspension arms & full respray / shave of the engine bay. The goal for the car is to make 1100-1200whp for 2023 and attend some roll racing events. The biggest part of getting power down to the ground is using proper suspension and ISC makes exactly what I was looking for. The ability to help keep the tires planted while shifting between gears going 100+ mph, but also ride smoothly on the street for those long trips with this also being a street car. 

The Auto Supra was also a non turbo car, but was and still is an automatic unlike my car. I purchased this for my wife to have a car to attend shows/events with me. It has snowballed into something crazy! We stripped the car down, fully removed all the glass and repainted the entire car, VVTI 2Zj-GTE engine, PowerHouse racing Turbo kit, Vellano wheels and of course ISC coilovers once again. The car is also one of the few fully paddle shifted auto Supras in the world and we will be soon swapping to the Lexus ISF 8 speed auto.

You can find Ryan’s Youtube channel here 


ISC V2 Coilover Kit Mk4 Supra