When modifying your Subaru WRX, STi, BRZ, Forester, or Crosstrek one of the most popular changes to make is the ride height. Whether you are using coilovers to lower your vehicle for increased handling and wheel fitment, or lifting it to run larger tires and increase ground clearance, adjustable ride height from a coilover is a very useful and rewarding investment to make with your vehicle.

Adjustable Control Arms

But what comes next? There are many correct answers to that question, but one of the most important in our opinion is having adjustable control arms (camber), and adjustable toe arms. OEM Subaru suspension from the factory does NOT come with adjustable rear camber, and the OEM rear toe adjustment is extremely limited. When lowering your vehicle, or lifting your vehicle, an alignment is always needed, in order to get the vehicle back to proper spec. Proper spec for your driving discipline helps put those modifications to use, making the vehicle handle properly, and minimizing tire wear in most circumstances.  Since OEM Subaru toe arms and control arms are not capable of this, aftermarket options are the only way to properly tune in your suspension, after modifying the right height on your Subaru, whether lowered or lifted.


When we designed our aftermarket adjustable Subaru suspension arms, our goal was not to be the cheapest in price, full transparency; there are other more “OEM” orientated brands that offer basic stamped steel arms with less adjustability for a lower price. The goal for our ISC arms was quality, adjustment range, strength, and we would be lying if we said making them look awesome wasn’t one of our goals too! All of our adjustable arms are made of machined aluminum (no stamped steel here!), and feature top grade hardware, which are both strong and corrosion resistant. Unlike many other brands, our toe arms even come with machined aluminum eccentric lockouts, at no additional charge.

Check out some of our products below:

camber and toe arms

Toe Arm

When the time comes to consider suspension upgrades like adjustable suspension arms for camber, toe, or both- do some research on which options make the most sense for your goals. Feel free to inquire with us directly for further questions about fitment, adjustment, or technical specifications.