A recent welcoming to R5 Racing is due as they join ISC Suspension for the 2019 season.

R5 Racing is an endurance racing team from Colorado that runs in what used to be known as the Chump Car Endurance Series, now known as the Champ Car Endurance Series as well as the World Racing League.

With 6 races slated for their 2019 season, R5 Racing’s E46 BMW is going to put their ISC N1 coilovers through their paces on the way to a strong showing this year. R5 Racing will be attending events at tracks around the country, including Road America, Circuit of the America’s, High Plains Raceway, Motorsports Park at Hastings, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and Utah Motorsports Campus.

R5 Racing’s team captain and driver, Tanner Mason, expressed his excitement about R5’s future with their new sponsor, ISC Suspension, saying, “This is a huge step forward in the growth of our team. It is an absolute pleasure to represent ISC Suspension NA, it is our mission to do so to the highest standard both on and off the track”.

R5 Racing’s chief engineer, Charles Ballard, commented, “I strongly believe that having ISC Suspension as a part of our team will play a huge factor in improving the performance of our team and we hope that the relationships we build this year will continue to grow and improve our organization in the future”.

The team here at ISC Suspension is very excited to add a “professional” team like R5 Racing to our growing list of ambassadors. We look forward to watching and supporting R5 Racing throughout 2019 as they contend strongly in the Champ Car Endurance Series.

To follow R5 Racing’s team, check them out on Twitter @llc_r5 and on Facebook @ColoradoHornetRaceTeam.

R5 Racing’s E46 BMW
R5 Racing