Hyperfest 2018 is taking place on May 18-20 and ISC is happy to announce that not only will we be in attendance but we also have some of our drivers taking part in some events! There will be plenty of events and much more through the entire weekend. Events include:

  • Burnout Contest
  • Car Show
  • Drift
  • Hyperdrive
  • Mega Meet
  • Off Road
  • Rally
  • Road Racing
  • Skylines at VIR
  • Time Attack
  • Time Attack at UTCC
  • Track Days

Most of the events are self explanatory with the exception of a few. Hyperdrive is an event that allows you to drive with the pros! You are required to take a brief class that reviews basic car setup, instructions, techniques, flags, etc. before hitting the track with your pro!

Skylines at VIR is an event to break records! No, seriously, the event is to try and get as many Skylines on a track at the same time.

Track Days is an event where anything goes, it is all about speed, not excuses! The only rule is as long as your car passes the NASA safety inspection, you can compete. The event is one track, fastest time wins. Top 20 fastest times + 1 one staff chosen hardship case advances to the final round on Saturday.

If you’re a spectator and not a driver, no worries! Hyperfest has even more events for the casual spectator including the following:

  • Camping
  • Drift Rides
  • Helicopter Rides
  • Go Karts
  • Kid Zone
  • Lawnmower Racing
  • Live Music
  • Off Road Rides
  • Powerwheels Downhill Attack
  • Race Car Rides
  • Rage Buggy Rides
  • Rally Rides
  • Spectator Games
  • Vendor Midway

These should all be self explanatory as well except the last two.

Spectator games are games for all spectators at the Hyperfest event, but what makes this event so fun is the games vary from year to year. Games like tire balancing, hot pepper eating challenge, golf cart slalom, Jello eating contest, water balloon contest, hula hoop contest, and much more!

Vendor Midway is where you can interact with the vendors at the event. Read literature, interactive displays, contests, eat food/drinks, and more from all the sponsors at Hyperfest!

For more info you can read the Hyperfest Info Page.

Video Update of the Event: