Many people have complained about the new WRX. Saying it’s ugly, they ruined the car, and for the love of god WHAT ARE THOSE FENDERS. Well, while we see their point, we also see that cars can’t stay the same forever. Are these cars different? Sure they are. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is still a very capable and fun car with tons of potential. With time, people will forget all about the fenders because honestly, it adds to the aggressive lines of this car. When we were able to get our hands on one to do an install in our own shop, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity. This car was the perfect color in our opinion. The plastic flares blended nicely with the body and also the dark wheels helped with that too. Looking at the lines of this newly bodied WRX, you can tell it has potential. The aggressive front end, the boxy fenders that pop out of the body, etc, it is definitely a nice upgrade from the previous generation. This car already had some aero on it which will make the car look much more aggressive once it’s lowered.

On to the WRX coilover install. The customer chose to go with our upgraded Triple S springs, giving the car more spring travel, and also reducing the weight of the coilover, giving all around better suspension performance . During the install, we also added some of our coilover covers to protect the coilovers from our New England seasons. Our new 2022 wrx coilover goes in like any other previous gen coilover. Nothing drastically different, so it made the install straight forward. Once we had them all installed, we set the damping adjustments to 16 clicks, which is right in the middle between soft and hard. This will give us a good starting point and we can change later depending on how it feels on the road. Once we dropped the car and torqued the wheels, it was off to the test drive.

After this WRX coilover install, the car rode amazing, and felt like the car was on rails. It feels very light in the front and the car will go wherever you point it. The extra weight compared to our BRZ is hardly, if at all noticeable in the corners. The damping felt great right out of the gate at 16 clicks. Over bumps, you could barely feel anything. Looking at the car now, it’s almost exactly 2 inches lower front and rear. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but even staying on the stock wheels, it made a massive difference in both look and feel. The car looks properly set up now, and even more aggressive than before. If you are thinking about doing suspension on your new WRX, it’s one of the largest improvements you can make to the vehicle, as it enhances the driving experience immensely, not to mention it looks fantastic too!