S197 Mustang Information and Upgrades

S197 Roots

So many people today are turning to the Ford Mustang as their vehicle of choice for a daily driver, project car, show car, or track car. The Mustang, specifically the S197 chassis, has so many great features to offer in order for it to cover such a wide spectrum of uses in the car community. The S197 chassis, which ran from 2005 to 14,  had some facelifts throughout the years, but the platform each body was built on, remained very much the same. This generation Ford Mustang was intended to be a modern twist on the famed original, mimicking body lines, offering the same special editions and bringing back the muscle people longed for from the older generations. The S197 was to be a new-era classic.

S197 Engines at a Glance

While many people hated the gutless 6 cylinder in the Mustang, Ford decided to keep, but re-engineer it. The V6 gained displacement as well as horsepower. bringing the motor up to a 4.0L V6, the Mustang was now a heavyweight contender in the entry level sports car market. The V6 offered a smaller barrier of entry for people to enjoy the classic American sports car styling. Over the years, the Mustang received some revisions to the V6; less displacement, but more horsepower. Ford is very well known, however, for their bigger V8 Models that bring some tough competition on the street and track. Offering the 4.8L V8 earlier on, to then transitioning to the infamous Coyote 5.0 that is still used and adored today. In the Mustang GT500, the hood hid a stout 5.4L and 5.8L supercharged V8 pushing over 550hp and 650hp respectively.

S197 Suspension Upgrades

One of the most popular modifications Mustang owners do is suspension upgrades. People look to all sorts of solutions from air ride to lowering springs and everything in between. Coilovers are the most popular upgrade in this category. Coilovers have the most diverse usability. From the street to the track, to the show and back, there are kits to suit any need.


ISC Offers Monotube construction, 32 way Adjustable damping, Spring preload sperate from ride height, as well as an industry leading LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY!

We have solutions for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 models.

S197 Mustang ISC coilovers allow you to fine tune your ride height, your camber, and your ideal ride quality. With the use of internal damping adjustments and custom spring rates, ISC can build-to-suit.

ISC Offers:

Monotube construction

32 way Adjustable damping

Multiple damper options

Spring preload sperate from ride height



ISC Customer ‘s S197 on our N1 Street Coilovers