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Regardless of what make or model coilovers you have, seasonal (or annual) maintenance is crucial to keeping your coilovers working properly, so you can get many years of performance and enjoyment out of them. Especially true if you live in a harsh climate, like we do here at ISC in New England.

This kit provides everything you need for a yearly "tune up" on your coilovers, and comes with enough supply to allow you to service them several times. Think of it as oil, a filter, and spark plugs for your engine!


  • 1x full set of ISC Coilover Covers (to protect your investment, specify sizes when ordering)
  • 1x 11 fl oz of PB Blaster (help free up and stubborn collars)
  • 1x 24 fl oz of Simple Green all purpose degreaser (clean everything after you free up all moving parts w/ the PB)
  • 1x brush, to help remove and stubborn grime off your shock body or collars
  • 1x set of latex free gloves to keep your hands clean of the anti-seize you are about to use
  • 1x 1 oz of Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant (to apply between bottom mount and shock body, and under collars for future ease of adjustment).
  • 2x Icc packets of SuperLube (to service your thrust bearings if you have N1's)


  1. Jack car and remove wheels (you can do this service with the coilovers on the car still, but removing them is also an option)
  2. Spray provided PB Blaster onto your coilovers, giving the fluid some time to soak in and penetrate any stubborn areas, Use your spanner tools to loosen the collars and get the shock body to spin freely from the bottom mount.
  3. Now that everything is free, it is time to clean things up! Spray the coilover with the provided Simple Green degreaser, and use the provided brush to scrub off any stubborn grime or debris.
  4. Time to throw the provided gloves on (if you have not already), it's time for anti-seize! Use the provided Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant under any collars, and if possible (especially if you took your coilovers off) inside the bottom mount where the shock body threads into it. It is easiest to simply apply this product onto the shock body itself, then thread the bottom mount back onto it.
  5. If you have thrust bearings use the provided 1cc packets of SuperLube and re-grease them. If they appear to be dirty inside, you can use some Simple Green and the brush to clean things up before applying this new grease. If you have N1 Basics, this step is not needed.
  6. Install the provided ISC Coilover Covers. You are done!

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