ISC Stage 1 Suspension Package

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ISC Stage 1 Suspension Package (save $35 when ordered as a pkg)

The ISC Stage 1 Suspension Package is a great option for an entry level street car build. This package will give an enhanced appearance and help increase the handling performance of you vehicle. Included in this package are our Triple S lowering springs and hub-centric wheel spacers. Our lowering springs allow for the OEM strut to still be used and won't prematurely wear them out like other brands. Our hub-centric wheel spacers will give you that more aggressive look, especially on your stock wheels. Minimize fender gap, increase appearance and get better handling with the ISC Stage 1 Suspension Package!

What's included?

Triple S Lowering Springs (set of 4)

ISC Wheel Spacers (set of 4)

More Info:

Triple S Lowering Springs

Wheel Spacers

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