ISC Subaru Rear Adjustable Control Arm and Toe Arm Package

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Car Make: Subaru
Car Make: Subaru
Car Make: Subaru
Car Make: Subaru
Car Make: Subaru
Car Make: Subaru
Car Model: WRX
Car Model: STi
Car Model: Forester
Car Model: BRZ
Car Model: FRS
Car Model: Legacy

This package includes our V3.2 ISC Rear Adjustable Control Arms for a massive range of camber adjustment, and our NEW ISC Rear Adjustable Toe Arms. The OEM adjustment is very limited on these Subaru platforms, so allowing for proper camber and toe adjustment will allow the car to be dialed in to your alignment specifications. Whether you are aiming for a time attack/ road course alignment, a street friendly alignment, or something for the stance crowd; our machined aluminum adjustable arms can get you there. Both arms feature industry leading top grade hardware, stainless steel rod ends, and aircraft grade machined aluminum.

ISC Rear Adjustable Subaru Control Arms

asked, and we delivered! You no longer have to purchase stamped out and
welded adjustable aluminum or steel control arms from other brands. A
quality and clean 6061 CNC aluminum solution now exists!

all new ISC V3 Rear Control arm features the same great features of the
original, but is now 1 lb LIGHTER, and even more ascetically pleasing
to the eye.
The ISC Suspension Rear Adjustable Control Arm:Our
new V3 rear adjustable control arms are now available for the 08+
Subaru WRX/STI and Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS. This
product is ideal for anyone with a 08+ who is lowering their vehicle on
coilovers or even lowering springs. Using these adjustable arms will
allow you to obtain correct camber settings, and in return a functional
alignment and stance.

Our V3 control arm is now also 1 lb lighter than the original with
increased strength when compared to the V1 and V2. The highest grade
hardware is included, and the control arm itself is constructed of CNC
machined 6061 aluminum with an anodized ISC gold finish. Our logo is
engraved into the arm as well for a sharp cosmetic appearance. These
rear adjustable control arms are designed to be easily adjustable and
durable for a lifetime of hard cornering and suspension abuse.

you use your car as a daily driven street car with a nice stance or a
track monster, these adjustable control arms will make your suspension
work better, hands down.

6061 Aluminum-

Top Grade Stainless Steel Hardware-

Pillowball Bearings-

Street Seal (TM) corrosion protection technology-

Anodized Finish Lightweight, 1 lb lighter than V2-

Large Adjustment Range 5 degrees-

New ISC Rear Adjustable Subaru Toe Arms:

Our new ISC toe arms have
been designed to allow the end-user to fine-tune their suspension
settings which can be especially beneficial for those with lowered
vehicles, as these can restore the overall suspension geometry. These
are made using strong and durable materials to provide you with great
performance while withstanding demanding conditions such as the elements
of track use or daily driving.

  • Zinc coated top grade hardware
  • Stainless steel rod ends
  • 7000 series aluminum construction, with anodized gold finish
  • Eccentric lockouts come standard
  • Large adjustment range for improved alignment settings
  • Great upgrade for any modified street or track car

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