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What customers have come to know and love

We offer high performance suspension kits, suspension control arms, lowering springs and wheel accessories for all sorts of makes and models ranging from Acura, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and more!

Our suspension components are versatile, including multiple solutions for the same chassis


All ISC and Triple S products are designed and supported in our New Hampshire facility.  Our products can be spotted on Formula Drift, Redline Time Attack, NEHA, USCA, SCCA and SCCNH vehicles.  We also sponsor a full line up of competitive show vehicles.  Our products are designed with pride, made with the best quality materials, as well as manufactured with the most modern methods.  We are happy to offer our customers the most adjust-ability, quality, comfort and functional products on the market.

How ISC is changing the way your car handles

The same chassis as above, but raised rather than lowered

We offer an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY on all ISC coilovers! You will not be disappointed by their performance and comfort.  Our coilovers will complement your skills, driving techniques and enhance the overall performance of your vehicle.  We have 3 different valving options available; Street Comfort, Street Sport and Track Race.  Each different valving is geared towards a different consumer’s need, from comfortable daily driving, to spirited mountain pass driving and even competition driving, we have the valving option for you.  All customer support and warranty claims are performed in house by our knowledgeable, friendly and innovative team. 

Manufacturing and Assembly

Most of our products are proudly made in Taiwan, with our own independent factories and assembly facilities. All custom coilovers, including products with Triple S upgraded coilover springs  are assembled here in New Hampshire. Many brands will make false claims about their products origin, at ISC we like to take a different approach, and not only provide full transparency, but we are also proud our products are self manufactured in one of the best manufacturing counties in the world for the aftermarket automotive industry.



Our springs are made of high tensile steel,a cold forged method which yields a product with maximum usable spring stroke, and is on average 20% lighter than a traditional SAE steel spring




Product Testing

After being designed all products go through extensive and continued R+D, as well as strict quality control standards. Our factory is ISO9001 and ARTC certified. Some of these machines represent the tools in our factory that help create our quality products.

Springs are tested, over 500,000 times and have less than 5% deformation

   Our Competitors

What makes us different from our German, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese competitors? We’d like to think a few things.  First and foremost is our Lifetime Warranty.  Whether you intend to use our coilovers for track, drift, stance or street, we are going to stand behind our product. Next is going to be the design of our coilover.  Every piece of our coilover is replaceable.  Some of these “other guys” require that you purchase a complete strut assembly if you need a simple replacement part.  All of our coilovers are modular and therefore will save you money in the long run.  Last is our customer service.  Unlike some of the above mentioned companies, we still sell our product to public vs only selling to distributors.  This means that you can contact us directly with questions or concerns.  

At the end of the day, our customers are what make ISC Suspension who we are.  It’s in our best interest to give them the best support and best product possible!





ISC Suspension North America is far from just a coilover company, we are a suspension company. We are a an East Coast brand, with distribution networks throughout USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Track, Drift, Stance, or Street; Premium Suspension for your automotive obsession.













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