We’re happy to let you all know that our air cargo shipment has arrived! We now have most major Subaru coilovers back in stock! Subaru coilovers make up a large section of the coilovers we produce and sell. We started in Subaru and continue to provide the Subaru community with support and superior products than the competition!

Kyle Autocross 2

Above: Our Subaru BRZ featuring all ISC suspension components.


Above: Coilovers are staged before being packaged for shipment

ISC coilovers for Subaru often come with Pillow Ball, Camber Plates, Adjustable Damping, Mono-tube design, and superior build materials. ISC Coilovers for Subaru generally run anywhere from $1288 to $984 and are available from hundreds of dealers. A list of those dealers can be found here: Authorized Dealers


Above: Another shot of coilovers begin staged for shipment

However like many companies in the industry we also have unauthorized dealers. These dealers are those that have violated pricing and other policies. While to the consumer this may see like they are getting a better deal they are actually receiving a product that we can not warranty. This isn’t good and we don’t want to see customers fall into this! That’s why we have the unauthorized dealer lists, ultimately to protect you, the consumer.



AWD Motorsports

Boston Motorsports

TH Motorsports

XTR Performance

The above are all unauthorized, so buyer beware!

For individuals who have had coilovers on backorder, you should see them all next week!


So get excited! Your suspension is on its way! If anyone has questions about the unauthorized dealer list, or is looking to become a dealer, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you get set up!