As most of you know, wheel spacers can be an important piece to your car. Many believe wheel spacers simply modify the look of your vehicle. But wheel spacers also effect handling, correction of wheel fitment, and unforseen clearance issues.

Wheel Spacers – Appearance

When using wheel spacers on your BMW you are able to achieve a more aggressive and visually appealing stance. Wheel spacers push the actual wheel out from under the wheel well. This modification is completely subjective and personal preference to the owner. Below you can have a look at a BMW before wheel spacers were installed vs after.


Handling is an important topic when considering wheel spacers for your vehicle. When you separate the wheels further apart from the center of the vehicle you gain more stability. This stability improves the overall handling and cornering of your car.


If you plan on upgrading to a big brake kit, you will want to ensure that the brake kit fits inside your wheels. If you did not consider this prior to your brake kit installation, the caliper of the brakes will rub against the spokes of your wheels. You can use wheel spacers to push the rim out from the caliper. This will provide the needed clearance to avoid scraping.


If you purchased a set of wheels to only find out afterwards they don’t fit the offset of your car, there is still hope! If the off set is not correct, you can experience rubbing of the tire on the inside wheel well. When you use a wheel spacer, this will push the wheel out, creating more space that will correct the incorrect offset.

As you now know, wheel spacers are not just for looks, they have many functions outside of appearance. If you are looking to increase handling, gain more clearance, correct a wheel fitment issue, or just going for a more aggressive stance, wheel spacers are for you!