ISC Suspension is proud to announce that after extensive testing and redesigning, the E90 and E91 X-Drive BMW Coilovers Kits are now available. We have had a lot of questions about this kit this past winter and summer. Most likely people are buying more of these cars now and want to modify and change them. The BMW E90 X-Drive is AWD, so the normal E90 kit would not do. It didn’t fit correctly and was confusing and difficult to install. We decided to go back to the drawing board, and used a customers care to test and redesign some pieces. While the fit wasn’t perfect the first time, it gave us the information we needed to change the kit to make it an easy plug and play.


The e90 coilovers feature the same great features of the other BMW coilover kits. The fronts feature front camber plates, pillowball bearings, and thrust bearings and the rears feature a spring perch and lockable collar as well as a replacement shaft. The front springs rates come in at 135mm 10k for Street Sport and Street Comfort (Special order) and 180mm 10k for the Track Race variant. The rears are a 7K for the Street Sport and Street Comfort, and a 12k for the Track Race. Custom spring rates are always an option as well when it comes to ISCs. If you are looking for something custom, simple e-mail [email protected] and the sales staff will be happy to consult and assist you in coming up with a spring that works for you.


We’re looking forward to having e91 and e90 coilovers available to our customers. Give us a call at 603-715-9078 to place and order, or visit our website at You can also contact your local dealer for pricing and availability of this kit. It is available now and you should see dealers with them in their hands very soon!

Live Low or Die!