ISC Suspension had the opportunity to stop by Turn 14 Distribution this past week as well as be in the Stoptech Booth for Boxerfest 2015. Boxerfest is one of Robert Champions newer events. For people who do not know, Robert Champion is the man who is behind Wicked Big Meet and SubiEvents LLC. He has been organizing these events for awhile, and like Wicked Big Meet Boxerfest was quite a success!


While it was a long day of walking and interacting with people it was a great time. While we did not have a physical booth, Jorel and Andrew were out and about interacting with customers as well as dealers who sell our product. It was a nice change of pace from working a booth that can be stressful at time. The BRZ looked great at Stoptech’s booth as well and we are happy to run thir products on our BRZ. If you need a new set of brakes, check out stoptech. The quality of their products is amazing and they have performed very well on the BRZ so far.


We will be attending more events this year including Clean Culture and Wicked Big Meet. We will also continue to attend Autocross and Clubloose events, so stay tuned and watch out for us!