This past weekend kicked off Clubloose North’s first Two Day Event this year!


Day 1

Andrew and Jorel arrived there early as a team with the Ford F450 as a support vehicle. The weather was a bit muggy but it looked like the rain would hold off for most of the day. Once 9am hit Rus did a quick drivers meeting and the drifting began! We started in C class where we had been for the past 2 events but really were hoping to get pushed up into B Class this event.



It took time, but Andrew really began being able to see the line he needed to take to get the angle he wanted. He was also able to successfully link multiple drifts and really started to get the hang of it. He continued to correct minor issues in his line and form throughout the day and finished the day out with a set of tires completely burned off. Day 1 saw us a lot of great runs and a lot of good footage.


Day 2

We started the day out determined to get into B Class, and with the performance that Andrew had been providing we were certain that he would make it. C Class got underway and Andrew started to push the car hard. Thanks to the modifications and maintenance that our tech has provided the car performed flawlessly. We had zero issues with cooling and overheating even on a scorching hot day.




Thankfully we did not need to test out the new crash bar, however it felt super sturdy and we felt confident that it would take a beating if necessary.


Halfway through the day Rus drove over to see the team. He congratulated Andrew on his progress and added him to the B Class. Andrew and the rest of the team were ecstatic to see Andrew make B Class. Andrew was proud of his improvement and has always been a fan of Japanese culture. The word “Kaizen” came to mind for his continues improvement throughout the past few weeks.




Jorel also got the chance to do some drifting in C class! With everyone’s else overheating and having issues with their cars Jorel was able to literally hot lap the course. He made major improvements in just 40 minutes. He started with a limited understanding of the line necessary to take and left with being able to link almost all of his drifts!


We left this event feeling confident for the next! We will see you all next time at NHMS on June 6th for another round of drifting! Remember we offer exclusive discounts to Clubloose North members! You can reach out to us at 603-715-9078!