This weekend was Clubloose North’s #IndependenceMovesNorth event. This was a two day event but we only attended the 5th due to our own July 4th festivities. The BRZ and Andrew were ready to go and excited to get back out onto the drift course. The other drifters at the event were display tons of American pride, including flags, wheel caps, bandanas, shirts, and more. There were some new comers and sold old favorites out their as well.


For this event we were also able to get some great go pro footage for us to make a video and also for Andrew to analyze his own driving.

[embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”VKrVsf-L9Zo”]

It was a warm day but it was filled with friends and lots of tire smoke. You always go home from a Clubloose event with a layer of burnt rubber on your skin, but the drifters love it and live for that lifestyle. We burnt through a whole set of tires that day. The Achilles radials lasted much longer and performed much better than normal street tires!


The car also felt much better after being profesionally tuned by Jay Perry of The Subaru Shop. The car’s addition of power really helped keep those drifts going and make the car easier to get sideways. We can’t say enough about the entire exhaust system, and it seems that it takes that an a tune to get the car to wake up. We’re running a Borla Un equal length Header, Tanabe Midpipe, Perrin Overpipe, and Perrin 3 inch Catback Exhaust.


We had a blast and we’re super pumped for the next event on July 25th! We’re also really excited to announce that Jeremy Lowe of Formula Drift will be coming up for the August 29, and 30 event! Jeremy will be doing drift demos and ride alongs!


Bonus Images: