We just released our Formula D 2014 year end video on youtube featuring Jeremy Lowe, our sponsored driver. While it may be a little late, the video showcases some of the epic drifting that Jeremy did throughout the season, as well as provide a little glimpse of what happens inside the car.

I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past year and some of the accomplishments that Jeremy and his team brought home in 2014.
2014 was a great year for ISC Suspension, we had a wonderful show schedule, great media, and great sponsorships. It was the first year that we had put together a sponsorship application and it has been going very well so far. We’ve got lots of sponsorships that have been provided to amateur drifters, autocross, and for 2015 we teamed up with Clubloose North for the entire season to assist novice and some intermediate drivers from the group.


2014 was also the year that we met Jeremy Lowe, a great driver that had a lot of passion, and a lot of dedication to Formula D. Jeremy competed in Formula D Pro AM, then went onto Pro. While he is eligible to compete in  Pro, Jeremy instead wanted to hone his skills in Pro 2 and this turned out to be satisfactory since he ended up finishing in 3rd place. Jeremy’s aggressive come backs were not without their own awards, and Jeremy went on to take home the Comeback of the Year award presented at the Year End Drivers meeting.


While I only had the opportunity to work with Jeremy for 2 events it gave me the chance of a lifetime to photograph Formula D drivers like Jeremy! I came back from Miami and Texas with hundreds of photos that took me days to edit.


Jeremy had many uphill battles to face but put up a fight in every single battle throughout the 2014 season. Jeremy even went on to beat his rival Dan Savage in Texas, but unfortunately lost at Irwindale due to a malfunction with his vehicle.


It was a great season with many fond memories, and I am looking forward to working with Jeremy into the future! We should have more coverage of Jeremy this year! Stay tuned!