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Grassroots Motorsports is the leading print magazine for everything (you guessed it) grassroots motorsports. We have worked with Tim and Tom Suddard on and off for the past decade, and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that they are running our suspension products on their Project FRS .

The FRS (BRZ/FT86) is running our:

N1 Street Sport Coilovers

Rear Adjustable Control Arms

Front Control Arm Brace

Coilover Covers

These improvements paired with the new tires and suspension bushings they are running will give the car more grip, less body roll, and faster track times. Our adjustable coilovers will allow them to have complete control of dialing in the car on the scales for corner balancing, and the front camber plates on the coilovers and ISC rear adjustable control arms will allow for a proper alignment based on their needs and track events that they run.