ISC Suspension is proud to announce that we are now able to offer Swift Springs as an upgrade for our ISC N1 Coilover. Swift has been in the Spring Market since 1996 while it’s parent company Tohatsu has been making springs since 1924. Swift aims to bring the highest quality springs to the performance suspension world. Swift Springs are made out of a Steel Alloy material called HS5.TW. This material was created to help achieve the four priorities in creating Springs. Swift describes them as below:

  1. The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  2. The largest amount of stroke
  3. The highest durability against loss of spring height
  4. The lightest in weight

You may find yourself asking what the advantage of upgrading to Swift Springs is? Most of the time drivers look at a set of springs and only see the rates. Meterial and manufacturing is just as important. Most people seem to thing that all springs are the same which is not a factual statement at all. The following are customer testimonials taken from Swifts website.

“I just replaced my springs to Swift Springs with same spring rate, and somehow the car behaves totally different now.”

“Since I’ve swapped the springs from another brand to Swift, my lap times became very consistent throughout the entire race due to cooler tire temperatures, which saves tire wear.”

“We have tested our Swift-equipped race cars on a shaker rig, and the Swift Springs have a lot less harmonic vibration.”

“My car is a lot smoother with Swift Springs even though same spring rate were chosen, especially on bad surfaces.”

Swift Springs is a company truly dedicated to using the finest materials, and they have a lot to show for it.

Swift is a company very dedicated to creating the best possible springs, and ISC Suspension is very pleased to be able to offer this upgrade to our customers. As many of you already know ISC Suspension is dedicated to bringing you the best customer support and highest quality products in the business. We believe that by offering Swift springs this brings us further into the realm. Let us know what you need, and as always thank you for choosing ISC Suspension! A true high performance Coilover!