This was an eventful weekend for ISC Suspension-NA. Sponsored Driver Jeremy Lowe qualified 1st place on Thursday night of the Formula D Seattle qualifier. Jeremy went on the next day to have quite the tumble with his car. Jeremy lost control and hit his car on the bank. This left Jeremy’s front drivers side wheel and almost everything in the front drivers side suspension destroyed and out of wack. It also ruined his alignment as well. He and his team worked tirelessly to get the car back together and had to utilize a mismatch of different parts. Jeremy utilized his skills and drove the car anyway with a very thrown together alignment and went on to make it to 3rd place. This also bumped Jeremy from 4th place to 3rd place in the Formula D standings!


A big congratulations to Jeremy Lowe and his team! We’re so proud of Jeremy and can’t wait to see how Round 3 goes in Texas. We provided Jeremy with an SD card for a go-pro and are looking forward to watching the footage that we get back!


Jeremy also received his new racing suit, and will be geared up for the rest of the season. Looking good Jeremy!


For more information on Jeremy Lowe check out our dedicated page here.