Kozmic Motorsports EVO X Shatters Texas Mile record

A few months back we picked up Kozmic Motorsports as a dealer. These guys are big in the EVO and GTR market and build some serious fast cars. After setting up their 2007 Subaru STi on ISC Coilovers they decided to go all in and get a set for their Texas Mile car. If you are not familiar with the Texas Mile, take a look here: www.texasmile.com. Pretty simple, the car that puts down the highest speed in the mile in their class, wins! We are very proud of Kozmic Motorsports!

The guys at Kozmic had a well built Mitsubishi Evolution X sporting a fully built and sleeved 2.2l engine with an ETS T3 HTA82. The car was finished up a few days before the event as the guys were so busy churning out customers cars they almost forgot about their own. All said and done the car put down a respectable 572whp/463wtq on a mustang dyno. This made for the highest HP and highest Torque EVO X MR. The car went in as a full weight, full interior EVOX MR to face the previous record of 182mph, which was garnered by a light weight, high horsepower full race car. No tape, no extra aero stuff, no real weight reduction, the guys were there to see how their “Street Evo” would fair.

After teching in and getting a few practice runs , Kozmic was ready to rock!

The next day they went out for the record. The first run they beat it with a top speed of 186mph. The second run they shattered this record posting a new top speed of 193 miles per hour. They called it a day at this as over 190mph requires a full roll cage. Kozmic Motorsports had done it, they shattered the previous record and could have gone for more!!

Heres what the guys had to say about the suspension:

“I will say in review that the we had hit the perfect combination in parts with power mods and suspension. The suspension was really great, it was smooth enough that it soaked most of the larger bumps and was stiff enough that at speed we had full control. The brake setup on the car is proven, we had plenty of stopping power, and a few cool colored rotors too!”

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