ISC Suspension V2 Subaru Control Arm Mod. 1
ISC Suspension is proud to introduce it’s most recent modification to our V2 control arm. With the arrival of the 2015 STi and WRX changes needed to be made to accommodate the differences in chassis. ISC went back to the drawing board and made revisions on multiple sections of the control arm.


2 Bottom Mount points, suitable for BRZ and WRX/STi, and also perfect for providing better stance.
2 Endlinks mounting points to compliment the bottom mount points.
STi Level sensor bracket for mounting the OEM level sensor on 2015 models.

We’re happy to continue to provide an innovative and adaptive control arm to the current market. As always, our control arms are crafted from CNC’d 6061 aluminum and are super strong AND light-weight. We never use Stamped Steel in our production, ONLY CNC’d Aluminum.

Say “NO” to stamped steel! Enjoy the superior strength and confidence with ISC and CNC’d 6061 Aluminum!

Official Description:
ISC Suspension Rear Lower Control Arms (Subaru)
Part no. S012CA-V2

ISC Rear Lower Control Arms are six times stronger than the OEM control arm and are an ideal piece for any 08+ WRX/STi, 13+ BRZ/FRS, 15+ WRX/STis and more that are looking to have adjustability in the rear end of their vehicles. The ISC V2 Mod. 1 control arm is 1lb lighter than previous models and features an aggressive but appealing new look. Our Mod 1 also features a bracket for the 2015 STi “level sensor”. Our control arms also feature 2 mounting points for rear end links and 2 mounting points for bottom mounts for aftermarket adjustability. Anodized in an ISC gold finish, made of 6061 Aluminum, and featuring Street Seal ™ technology allow our control arms to outlast our competitors in multiple ways.

• CNC’d 6061 Aluminum, No stamped steel here!
• Top Grade Hardware, Pillowball Bearings
• Street Seal (TM) corrosion protection technology
• Anodized Gold Finish
• Lightweight, 1 lbs lighter than V1
• Large Adjustment Range, 2 endlink mounting points, 2 mounting points for bottom mounts
• Fitment: 2008+ WRX/STi Sedan/Hatch, 13+ FRS/BRZ, 15+ WRX/STi, 11+ LGT, and 15+ Forester/XT

MSRP: $575

Shop them here: Subaru rear control arms Our solution fits Subaru WRX/STI (08-14 / 15+) – 09+ Subaru Forester – 13+ Subaru FRS/BRZ/GT 86 – 2010-2013 Subaru Legacy GT.