This week we started to do more work on the BRZ. We also picked up some more sponsors and we will have some more products on their way shortly. This includes Brakes, Exhaust, and some suspension goodies!

We decided that we wanted to try out our own ISC brakes and see if they would mate up to the BRZ. Since many Subaru brakes are similar and interchangeable we assumed they would work but wanted to be certain.



As you can see, they installed flawlessly. The 05-09 LGT kit will fit the Subaru BRZ, big success! We are also happy to announce that we will be installing the Stoptech Big Brake Kit and taking them on as a Sponsor. Added to that list will be Perrin performance and Whiteline.

We are also making great strides with our Front Control Arm for the BRZ, you can see spy shots below. The Control Arms has gone through many different versions, from a real beefy piece to what it is getting closer here now. A lean, mean strong control arm made of CNCd 6061 Aluminum. This arm will be strong enough for anything.


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