ISC Suspension has returned from SEMA 2012 with a Global Media Award!

The Global Media award is awarded to an individual product that a group of worldwide journalist decides. The participating media from all over the world represent some of the industry’s top magazines and editors that are most respected in the world. Their opinions are highly valued in this industry due to their expertise and knowledge of the automotive markets in their countries. ISC Suspension was recognized by Autoblog- Canada. Not only is this an excellent opportunity for ISC Suspension to expand into the Canadian markets, but ISC has all intension of capitalizing on this opportunity.

We were one of 200 out of over 2500 new products to receive this award. We feel honored to be recognized by a Canadian publisher for identifying and discovering the ISC N1 Coilover to be a success in his home country. ISC Suspension was awarded a beautiful crystal trophy at an intimate gathering one evening after the show. ISC Suspension was able to mingle with others who were also awarded, we were able to meet the journalist/publisher and take a professional photo with the trophy and coordinators of the SEMA show.

This award is a special opportunity for ISC Suspension to grow. ISC has been interested in expanding into Canada and we see this as an opportunity to pursue. ISC was overwhelmed by positive energy at the 2012 SEMA Show and hope to continue our positive outlook into the future. As an ISC member we thrive off being excellent support for our customers and dealers and only wish to serve you in the up most optimistic way possible.