Formula D! Happy Tuesday everyone!

ISC Suspension’s own Andrew and Allen had the opportunity to go out to Homestead Miami Florida to watch Pro 2 Driver Jeremy Lowe (138) drift in the first round of Formula D Pro 2 competition. Below is a short summary of the trip, written by Allen.

Andrew and I arrived in Miami a little bit late in the afternoon and got checked into our hotel. You could tell that the hotel was an official Formula D hotel with the vast array of black, white, and red logos on T-Shirts. The bright red “D” stood out amongst the crowd. We got set up and managed to find a Sushi restaurant of quality pretty quick. We stopped by a place called Sake, a sushi bar only 5 minutes away from our hotel. We grabbed some grub and went to bed early, we knew we had a busy day ahead.

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We woke up early ready to get a start on the day. We quickly realized though that we weren’t not prepared for the Miami heat and decided to make a stop at the local Publicx for some

We headed back to the race track and met up with Jeremy Lowe, our sponsored driver for Formula D. I had the pleasure of meeting his manger and girlfriend Katie, as well as his father and Crew Chief Mike Lowe. Jeremy and his team are extremely personable and a great crew to spend time with. Jeremy is a modest and really polite guy who has a thing for cats, BMX, and of course drifting.



We hung out and got to know Jeremy for a few hours. Once the hour before his race began Jeremy and his father sprang into action. They began working on a rubbing issue with the front fenders and front bumper. Jeremy and his father took some time to work on the issue and get it settled.

Low Performance

This is when we also learned more about Jeremy father and his performance shop, Lowe performance. Mike Lowe used to actually run a 1000HP Rotary Engine powered RX-7 at the drags. At that point in time Jeremy has been Mike’s crew chief, so it was very cool to see the roles reversed and seeing Mike support his son Jeremy. We also spent some more time getting to know the rest of the group and exchanging stories about the automotive world.

Jeremy went on that day to place in the Great 8 in the Pro 2 series. In the end though a wastegate hose caused some difficulties in the top 4 round and Jeremy ended up placing 4th for the day. He was proud of this accomplishment and we were proud to have provided him with the suspension system that helped him compete competitively. Jeremy said that the suspension set up was really good and that he enjoyed getting back out and doing what he loved.

Lowe Drift

Lowe Drifting 2

Lowe Drifting 3

Big congratulations to Jeremy and his team!


After the event we spent some more time with Jeremy and the team and went out for a little dinner! We had a great time talking like normal adults (We didn’t talk about cars) and it was really nice to meet the men and women behind a really great dinner! We can’t wait to do it again and wish Jeremy the best in his future endeavors! We also conducted an interview with Jeremy, which will be available next week!

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Thanks for reading! – Allen, ISC Media and Marketing Director