As some of you may already know ISC Suspension-NA has been working on creating a new up to date website. Our current website has served it’s purpose for the past few years and we’ve decided that it is time for us to create a fresh new face. Design has changed over the past few years and minimalism is whats in! ISC Suspension has been working with several graphic designers to try and get the best looking website possible and is looking to combine form, and function (much like a stanced car) with the re-design.

Below you will see 3 potential examples of what ISC Suspension’s new website may look like.

ISC_Mock1This example is the most possible of how the website may look, or be similar to. This design incorporates our brand colors as well as a very nice slideshow that will be features prominently.


All three of these designs were created by Kelsey Kronmiller.

We worked with Kelsey for a few weeks, and eventually moved onto another designer due to our time restriction and needs. Our current designer Jeff has created many other websites before and you can find some of his work on his website here.

Our hope is that this new website will help to modernize the company and keep us current. The website will help for us to incorporate the numerous forms of social media that we had added in the past few years such as our Instagram, Facebook, and our YouTube channel. We’re really looking forward to the re-designed website and hope that you will all enjoy the end product!

While we are on the topic of the website we’re also looking for customer testimonials. The new website will feature many of them, and we would love to hear from customers that have the product on their car. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail [email protected] with your customer testimonial and we will work on getting it up on the website!