Hello everyone, ISC Suspension wishes you all well and hopes that everyone had a wonderful start to a New Year. We would like to start the New Year off the right way, and introduce you to two of our newest Dealers! ISC Suspension works diligently day and night to create an extremely solid group of dealers that bring something special to the table for their customers.

Please welcome, Mixxed Auto Design and RX7.com!


Mixxed Auto Design is based out of Corona, CA and specializes in Automotive Vinyl, Stickers, Wraps, and Custom modification. Their business will now also sell Performance Products like ISC Coilovers to better serve the needs of customers in their area. You can reach them at 949-554-9300!


RX7.com is an RX7 business based out of Dallas Texas and has been in business for over a decade. RX7.com has evolved with the Rotary scene and is also involved with the fastest rotary powered car in the world. http://rx7.com/racing.html their motto is that reliable performance isn’t just a motto, it’s a way of life. Their shop features a bevy of tools and special equipment that features 8 bays, 4 lifts, and in ground dyno jet and more. They don’t release jobs until they are happy with them and they are one of the best RX7 businesses out there and surpass most in longevity and performance.

ISC Suspension wishes to continue its dedication to excellence and we’re very excited to keep adding to our formidable dealer list! Do you own a business? Would you like to carry ISC’s product? Feel free to download the dealer application below and send it over to [email protected] we’d love to add you to our network!