Good Afternoon everyone, ISC Suspension is proud to introduce a new employee; Jorel Challenger! Jorel is taking over as our Sales Manager and will be taking care of product and dealer sales. On of his firsts jobs will be to run short sales on our social media pages. These sales will only last a limited amount of time, so if you are not following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook… now is the time to start! Jorel will aided by Allen in Marketing and Andrew in product development, Meryl in Customer Support, and Kyle ISC’s head tech.

Jorel comes form a background in Sales, having spent over 6 years as a salesman for Sprint, and before that working as a welder. Jorel originally hails from Florida, but has also lived in New York and Massachussets. He previously owned several Zenki Nissan 240SX’s and now own a 2005 Subaru WRX.

Jorel currently utilizes the ISC N1s for the 2002-2007 WRX which can be found here:!/Subaru-Impreza-WRX-02-07-ISC-Adjustable-Coilover-Car-Suspension/p/28352968/category=6686602

Jorel also uses the Rear Camber Plate option available which can be purchased here:!/ISC-02-07-WRX-STi-rear-camber-plates/p/28352755/category=6686583


This group together will complete the spectrum of ISC Suspension’s core team. ISC Suspension also has a plethora of part time workers that are available at a moments notice to assist anytime ISC needs them.


Jorel is excited to get working with the team and get ISC products out into the hands of owners that do not have them yet! He stands behind the product and has been utilizing it for the past three years. You may recognize Jorel’s White WRX from events that ISC Suspension has attended in the past!

Jorel 2


This is an exciting change for ISC Suspension and we are all very excited to work with Jorel and get him up to speed!